About the Team

Stellergy’s Co-Presidents have been designing and implementing systems since the dawn of energy market deregulation. Successful projects include:

  • Creating a single backbone platform for all incoming data into all systems, validating thousands of new sales a day and direct incoming data to appropriate systems for enrollments and/or Third Party Verification. This decreased the number of accounts which needed to be worked by the back office by 40% or more.
  • Building a system that was a single point for business data validations which improved development time, reduced code errors, and increased turnaround time for validation changes, thereby ensuring good data integrity. This Third Party Verification system reduced the cost to acquire by streamlining data into an automated verification system, saving over $400k/year.
  • Designed a Letter Writing system to generate correct customer letters and emailing where available, improving efficiency of the back-office and reducing one letter monthly cost of $30k.